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~ Charcuterie Platter to include: chicken pâté with blueberry and port, bresaola, Saucison, cured duck breast with mustard, pickled red onion and mostarda
~ Peppered and Smoked trout with pickled shallot, cucumber and chervil on crostini
~ Preserved beet, honey, walnuts and Charlottetown chèvre on crostini
~ Roseda beef meatballs with goats milk ricotta and heirloom tomato roasted garlic coulis
~ Chesapeake Boudin - MD crab and shrimp sausage balls with rice and the holy trinity served with smoked tomato cocktail sauce
~ Smoked eggplant baba ghanouj with steamed, raw and roasted vegetables
~ Local cheese platter with pickles, pickled vegetables, crostini and grapes

 To include Charlottetown chèvre, Cedar Hill Meadow and Chapel Country Creamery




pâté & charcuterie plates

Shrimp & MD Crab Pâté with brandy, roasted tomato
Chicken Pâté - Rumbleway Farm local chicken liver, fresh blueberries & Cu Dhub black rum Wild Mushroom Pâté with local chèvre ,rosemary and Tempranillo
Duck Liver Pâté with honey, cherries and port
Smoked Bluefish Pâté with pickled shallot ,dill and lemon
Basturma with shallot,lemon, olive oil & paprika
house-cured Bresaola, Capocolla, Pancetta, and Prosciutto

* all charcuterie plates include pickled things and house-made crackers. We can also provide an array of artisan cheeses upon request.


finger foods

~ Chesapeake Boudin Maryland crab, shrimp and rice sausage with house made cocktail sauce ~ Genuine Food Company’s beef meatballs with goats milk ricotta and roasted tomato coulis ~ World Class Pigs in a Blanket: puff pastry and house made sausage with homemade ketchup ~ maple cured duck breast "ham" with honey crisp apple butter on sweet potato biscuits
~ lemon, black pepper, and chervil smoke trout with pickled onion, cucumber
~ radish butter tea sandwiches with pickled cucumber and dill
~ Beaten biscuits with house cured ham and blueberry butter


~ Lemon and pepper smoked bluefish salad with horseradish pickled onion and cucumber salad ~Cups of shrimp and grits
~ Smoked duck breast ham with sweet potato biscuits and maple pear butter
~ Endive with crab tomato and corn salad
~ Winter vegetable caponata with clementine maple vinaigrette
~ Smoked bluefish salad with chervil, lemon and pepper

~ Crowder pea and wild mushroom salad with horseradish ,dill and pickled onion


stations, dips & salads

~Roasted, raw and smoked veggies with Bagna Cauda (ridiculously good warm anchovy & garlic dip) & Smoked Baba Ghanouj with crostini
~ autumn vegetable caponata with turnip, sweet potato, radishes, capers, olives ,roasted red pepper and a touch of maple
~ Bistro filet bruschetta with Rogue smoked blue sour cream and chive

~ Preserved beet and Charlottetown chèvre and walnut rosemary vinaigrette ~ duck confit with barbejus and petit purple slaw





A few sample menus...





~ Roasted chicken with lemon, rosemary and garlic (8 cut) with a white wine honey jus
~ Smoked and pulled pork with Cheerwine barbecue sauce ~
~ Smoked Brisket with Cheerwine barbecue sauce
~ pit style bistro filet with herbed horseradish vinaigrette ( the beef will be slightly smoked ) ~ Delmarvalicious barbecued chicken with rye whiskey mustard sauce

~ Md style pit beef with herbed horseradish sauce

~ Fingerling potato salad with green beans, sweet potatoes, pickled shallot, smoked paprika, olive oil, honey and lemon
~ Lucielle's sweet heirloom tomato and cucumber salad
~ Sautéed greens and sweet corn salad with mushrooms, apple vinaigrette and ricotta salata
~ Classic 3 bean salad
~ Sweet corn and tomato slaw with fennel
~Purple cabbage and carrot slaw

-Succotash Salad - sweet corn, carrot and sweet pea with basil!
Zucchini apple and grape salad with mint, honey and yogurt!
-Baby Leaf and apple salad with Charlottetown goat ricotta and pickled shallot



SALAD Arugula, Easter egg radish, apple and Parmesan salad with pickled shallot and chervil dressing

~ Porchetta - grilled pork loin stuffed with garlic, lemon, fennel bulb and frond and red pepper ~ Grilled Maryland rock or bluefish with dill, lemonbalm and crab salad
~ Roasted leg of lamb - boneless stuffed with sun dried tomato, chervil tapenade
any of these could be replaced with chicken with similar treatment

~ classic sweet pea and basil risotto
~ roasted eggplant and potato tian
~ grilled asparagus with orange zest, black salt and olive oil
~ beet, lacinato kale & kamut salad preserved lemon vinaigrette & ricotta salata
~ mounds upon mounds of roasted veggies (we pick the finest of what our farms have) with many herbed gremolata





~ Md Crab, corn and tomato bruschetta with chive and lemon
~ Preserved beet and Charlottetown chèvre crostini with pickled onion
~ Smoked bluefish salad with chervil ,black pepper, pickled shallot on crostini
~ Bistro filet bruschetta with horseradish beet jam
~ Smoked duck breast ham with brown mustard apple butter
~ Local cheese assortment to include: Cedar Hill Meadow, Charlottetown Chèvre, Chapel Country’s Chapelle and Bay Blue (3 of the 4 cheeses are raw!)

* This will be served with various pickles, jams, house made crackers and such

SALAD COURSE Arugula, lacinato kale, pickled grapes ,walnuts, ricotta salata, heirloom cherry tomatoes and sherry vinaigrette

~ Grilled Rockfish with lemon, dill and vodka sauce
~ Roasted Chicken with rosemary, fennel, orange, garlic and pan jus (chicken will be cut up in pieces)
~ Pit style Teres Major steak medallions with horseradish creme fraiche and pickled shallot

~ Grilled Asparagus with sea salt, lemon and olive oil
~ Cool heirloom tomato and cucumber salad
~ Kamut salad with spinach, radishes, Lima beans, sweet corn ,strawberries and minted vinaigrette
~ Roasted fingerling potato salad with shallot, rosemary, honey, olive oil and smoked paprika
~ Beets 3 ways - pickled chioggias , raw gold and roasted red with a apple thyme honey vinaigrette, with a little Charlottetown goat ricotta and pistachios





~ Maple cured duck ham with peach jam ( yours ) on sweet potato biscuits
~ Radish butter tea sandwich with lemon curd, chervil
~ Smoked trout tea sandwich with pickled shallot and lemonbalm
~ MD crab and shrimp pâté with roasted tomato and brandy
~ Heirloom tomato bruschetta with chive tarragon and Charlottetown chèvre and honey

SALAD COURSE: Rocket, pickled onion, Honeycrisp apple, ricotta salata, fennel and sherry vinaigrette

~ Roasted sides of Bluefish with MD crab, corn, heirloom tomato salad
~ Delmarvalicious grilled chicken with a port cherry barbejus (brined w/rye whiskey, bitters & other delectables)
~ Boneless Roasted Leg of Lamb stuffed with lemon, fennel, pepper flake and rosemary

~ World Class Mac and Cheese
~ Slow cooked green beans with a little smoked pork
~ Lucielle's cool cucumber and tomato salad ( chilled vinegary sweet salad with red onion )
~ Roasted Rose Fynn fingerlings and Kabocha squash with lacinato kale ribbons, honey, Dijon, olive oil

and lemon ( warm potato, squash & kale salad )





~ chicken pate with blueberry and port
~herbed chèvre with pear chutney

~red pepper rouille and shrimp toast
~smoked trout pate with fennel and apple slaw
~ duck breast ham with peach whisky jam on sweet potato biscuits

SALAD~arugula ,apple and pickled shallot with ricotta salata, candied pecans and champagne vinaigrette


410.444.1497 * bonafide good food *

~ roasted leg of lamb with fennel, olive oil, lemon and rosemary - deboned ,rubbed , retied and grill roasted
~ tomato poached rockfish and bluefish with dill, lemon balm and orange
~ white wine brined chicken skewers with apricots,mushroom, fingerling and cherry tomato


grilled asparagus with lemon, sea salt

sweet pea risotto with mint and basil potato gratin with Cedar Hill tome




~ chicken liver pâté with blueberries and rye whiskey
~ duck confit with barbejus and petit purple slaw
~ Basturma with shallot ,lemon and olive oil (Basturma is a heavily spiced and cured eye round from the Ottoman region , paprika)
~ smoked bluefish pâté with pickled shallot ,dill and lemon
~ radish butter tea sandwiches with cucumber and chervil

SALAD ~ beet 3 ways and fall lettuces salad with Charlottetown goats milk ricotta ,apple and sherry vinaigrette

~ Roasted boneless leg of lamb with rosemary ,mild green chile ,olive oil ,garlic and roasted lemon
~ Grilled quail stuffed with chicken and fig sausage with honey cardamom cream
~ Grilled bluefish with purple carrot ,chioggia beet and fennel salad dressed with lemonbalm and honey vinaigrette
~ roasted root vegetable medley tossed with arugula and maple vinaigrette
~ winter squash risotto or pilaf




~ Ham and jalopeno hush puppies
~ House charcuterie and cheese board ~ Deviled eggs w/ shrimp ceviche

~ Cornmeal Crusted Catfish w/ Shrimp cream sauce and chow-chow ~ Oven roasted Chicken w/ Country Captain Gravy
~ Red Wine Braised Short Ribs w/ Pan Jus

~ Smoked Gouda Mashed Potatoes
~ Braised kale w/ house smoked ham hocks ~ Winnie’s Fantastical Mac and Cheese
~ Roasted Root Vegetables




~ Maryland crab and shrimp salpicon - crab and shrimp tossed with lime, jicama, green onion and mild green chile ~ Pata pibil - duck roasted with citrus, garlic and annatto served with pickled onion
~ Guacamole
with chips

~ Puerco con pasta de oregano - whole side of Whistlepig Hollow Red Wattle pig rubbed with Mexican oregano, garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro and lemon,smoked and slooooow roasted for a good bit of time . Will be served shredded and chunked .
~ Chicken Mole 2 ways :

- Mole Verde Zacatecano - lighter mole with tomatillos, garlic and cilantro
- Mole Poblano - the iconic mole, mulato, ancho and pasilla chiles, plantains,tomatillos, tomatoes, almonds, sesame,canela, raisins etc . Warm to hot . * My idea is to brine chicken in complimentary flavors i.e. coriander, cumin, garlic etc . We will roast the chicken on the grill and serve with the sauces on the side.

~ Ensalata Nopales - cactus paddle salad with heirloom tomatoes, cilantro and red onion
~ Ensalata de Chayote - chayote salad with avacado, tomato, garlic
~ Arroz verde - rice with mild poblano, cilantro and onion
~ Arroz rojo - rice with roasted tomato, garlic and sweet peas
~ Frijoles Barrochos - pinto beans slow cooked with dark beer, tomato and Serrano chile
~ ROBUST VEGETARIAN OPTION: to be determined closer to the wedding date after we establish what’s thriving in a
rea farms.

Accoutrements ~ diced onion, cilantro, lime, radishes, queso fresco , salsa tomatillo y avocado, salsa pepito y chipotle, salsa fresca ( mild)




~ charcuterie platter
~ world class Mac and cheese
~ arugula, apple salad with pickled
shallots, honey and ricotta salata

~ duck 2 ways - seared duck breast ( medium , medium rare) and confitted leg with jerry port jus and cardamom honey cream
~ roasted rainbow trout with lemon, fennel and smoked tomato salad
~ roasted winter vegetable tart with purple baby carrots, green meat radishes, parsnip and yellow oyster mushrooms topped with a chèv
re, parsley, blood orange salad

~ potato Gouda gratin
~ sautéed lacinato kale with grapes, garlic and lemon ~ sweet pea and chervil risotto
~ maple roasted Brussel s
prouts and baby carrots





APPETIZER: Charcuterie and cheese boards to include : bresaola, duck liver pâté, rabbit rillettes with maple, Cedar Hill Tomme, Charlottetown crottin ( stinky ooey gooey cheese ), pickles and assorted crackers, crostini and jams

SALAD: Lacinato kale salad - pickled beets,hard cooked egg, French breakfast radish, ricotta salata, shallot ,honey ,preserved lemon vinaigrette

~ Alder smoked Roseda New York Strip - black peppercorn caramelized tart cherry and shallot, Charlottetown chevre and cherry vinegar gastric
~ Grilled Whistlepig Hollow pork chop - Fetters Fruit Farm apple " butter" , sorghum and grilled fennel
~ Wild caught Cape May Day Boat Scallops - the last of the sweet corn, mustard greens, Md. claw and Rye cream
~ Roasted winter vegetables with maple apple gastrique over toasted barley. Will include baby carrots, turnips and lacinato kale.

Fantastical Mac and Cheese
Slow cooked green beans, smoked pork bits Seared Brussel sprouts (if we can get em)
Old school whipped potatoes
Roasted butternut and fingerlings with a little maple



***our pastry chef can do just about anything. just ask! ***

~ lemon blueberry meringue tarts
~ Honey pecan tart with shortbread crust
~s'mores tartlets
~ strawberry & rhubarb tartlets with brown sugar
~ pecan pie bites
~ Guinness spice cake with goat mascarpone
~ mocha cream puffs drizzled with chocolate and candied almond ~ Triple layer chocolate peanut bars
~ Black bottom cheesecake with raspberry sauce
~ Miniature strawberry shortcakes
~ fruit pies & cobbler
~ cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and more...



House-Made Elixirs, Beverages & Coffee

Clementine has fun, seasonal options for every time of year. Whether it be an intended libation or versatile non- alcoholic lemonade, spritzer, or punch with an option for a kick, we've already thought about it. Restaurant favorites, house-made “The Basil Lime Elixir" or “Lemon Rosemary Fizz” are a refreshing option to soda or our infused ice-teas and lemonades are always a big hit. We proudly serve an exclusive blend of Zeke’s “Oh My Darling” Regular and French Roast Decaf at all events.



Beer, Wine & Spirits
Clementine offers a wide-range of regional beer, award-winning wines, and spirits. We also have a number of delicious signature cocktails that are sure to please your guests. You only pay for what’s consumed and not per person.


With our close relationship with multiple rental vendors, we can arrange for anything you'll need- tables, chairs, linens, plates & flatware, glassware, tents and portable restrooms. We also offer eco-friendly disposables like bamboo products and recycled paper products.


410.444.1497 * bonafide good food *


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Parking: There is free neighborhood parking in what looks like the CVS lot across the street. It is actually a neighborhood business lot. There is also free parking in the parking lot behind St. Dominic's just across the cross street we are on, Gibbon Ave.


5402 Harford Rd Baltimore, MD 21214