Clementine does dang good food with a cross-cultural twist.

Holiday Sides !

Our mission is simple - offer seasonal, local and,most importantly, delicious food made from scratch. 

  Clementine holiday sides are beautifully presented in a glass pie plate. Just heat & serve!  Our side dishes will truly compliment any bird or your vegetarian main dish and will be a tasty complement to whatever is being served at yourThanksgiving table.


To order, please email this form to or call Susan Norman at 443.416.3893. Please circle items (indicate amount) & preferred pick up date - TUES 11/23 or WED 11/24.  Pick up at Green Onion Market. 5500 Harford Rd, Baltimore, MD 21214.Orders must be in by Monday, Nov 23rd. 



_______ ~ Chicken pâté with, rye whiskey and local honey $15/ pound 

_______ ~ Maryland crab and shrimp pâté with smoked tomato and Brandy $15/ pound 



Side dishes: Items below are served in a 9” pie plate and have eight (4 oz) serving per plate 


$20 / per plate

_______ ~ Scalloped sweet corn and oyster pie with potatoes, nutmeg and a  hint of bourbon


_______ ~ Sweet corn and crab Mac and cheese 


$15 /  per plate

_______ ~ Smoked Gouda Mashed potatoes 

_______ ~ Creamed greens - like cream spinach but we use heartier greens as well, with a hint of garlic, thyme and nutmeg 

_______ ~ Corn and chive pudding - almost a corn soufflé with sharp white cheddar on top 

_______ ~ Cranberry and kamut salad - dried cranberries, walnuts, hearty kamut and an apple champagne vinaigrette with spinach tossed in 

_______ ~ World class Mac n cheese - you know 

_______ ~ Wild mushroom stuffing with carrots, celery, garlic, rosemary, a little port and onion

_______ ~ Roasted butternut squash and garlic mash with butter, thyme and maple

_______ ~ Cumin and Coriander roasted sweet potatoes 

_______ ~  Green bean casserole with pecans, a hint of lemon, shallot, honey and tarragon


* Please return clean glass pie plates to Green Onion at your leisure.

  To inquire about our services for events and meals both great and small and everything in between, please visit the catering / event planning tab on this web-site and  email us:


  This is not good-bye, just a see you soon.


Thank you all,


Cristin and Winston








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Parking: There is free neighborhood parking in what looks like the CVS lot across the street. It is actually a neighborhood business lot. There is also free parking in the parking lot behind St. Dominic's just across the cross street we are on, Gibbon Ave.


Some recent reviews directly from Opentable & Yelp:




Fantastic!  Best meal that I have had in Baltimore and one of the top on the East Coast.  Had the bluefish which was heavenly from the grits to the fish to the veggies - utter perfection.  Partner had the pork cheeks which he would have been more than happy with had he not had some of my fish and then got plate envy.  We had cocktails which were superb and the pickle tray to start --I know, who orders the pickle tray?  well we do and it was divine.  Also got the apple cake - again-superb.  Service was excellent and the atmosphere was casual with a nice low volume for such a big space.  We will be returning very soon--




I have not read all of the negative reviews that brought the average down, but I'm glad to report that Clementine deserves way better than what Yelpers are rating it. 

Is it fresh?  Absolutely!  They curate their own meat for goodness sakes!  Show me another place that does that...and does it well!

Is it delicious? Another absolutely!  Every dish has its own uniqueness from the standard faire.  And that's especially difficult to find for breakfast. 

For example, it's not just French Toast.  It's fresh French Toast on Challah bread with just the right amount of sweetness & crispiness.

It's not just a Breakfast Burrito.  It's got the little something extra that pushes your standard breakfast dish into specialness. 




Great experience for dinner last night.  I grabbed a quick dinner with one of my girlfriends, and we both ordered the holupkis (or if you are in my Polish family, galumpkis).  These are basically cabbage rolls filled with beef and pork and rice, covered in a non-Italian tomato sauce.  They were delicious, and the mashed potatoes on the side tasted very buttery just like my mom's.  The portion size was perfect, which has been my issue in the past.  I could have stuffed myself and cleaned my plate but knowing we wanted dessert, I made sure to save a roll and some potatoes to eat for lunch the next day at the office. 



My girlfriend and I went to Clementine yesterday for brunch and it was awesome. I had the duck hash and she had the Korean hot pot. We both loved our choices (she felt that the kimchee could have been a tad bit spicier). The food menu is extremely diverse and the alcoholic options are well thought out and reasonable. I hadn't been to Clementine since it first opened due to an out of town move and I'm also glad to see how they've expanded. To finish they get many kudos for the "Becks Crabs" sign that they have on the wall. I love that they give a shotout to a Baltimore icon.




My boyfriend and I love making visits to Clementine. The atmosphere is very calming with tables and chairs made of wood and walls painted a relaxing shade of medium blue. The lights are just dim enough, and there's a little bit of art on the walls, but it's nothing overwhelming. The restaurant is quiet and unobtrusive enough that you can hear the person accompanying you, but not so much that you feel like everyone has full access to your conversation.

Enough about the ambiance, because the food is awesome! It's both unique and seasonal, and most of the options seem somewhat healthy. The menu changes regularly, which gives my boyfriend and I an excuse to check in as much as we can. I would describe the food as being "updated homestyle," since many of the choices would be considered comfort food with Clementine's own special flair.

One thing Clementine does especially well is vegetables. They have a way of making things like kale and broccoli taste pleasant--I'm not sure how they do it, but I'm much more than willing to consume vegetables I don't typically gravitate towards after walking through Clementine's doors.

Vegetables aside, every dish I have tried there has been fantastic, from Chicken and Waffles to Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, to Clams Casino Linguine to Pork Chops and Mashed Potatoes. Clementine is a foodie's paradise.




I ate here for my first time during Baltimore restaurant week. I plan to come back. I had the Pork Adobo - this is one of the best meals I have ever had. The pork was perfect and the right amount of vinegar and flavoring. The wait staff was terrific and made us feel at home! I am glad I don't live close - I would be here a few times a week.




Clementine never disappoints. This is such a great place for a relaxing Saturday morning breakfast! I tried the Migas this time and loved it! The service is always fantastic and the food is delicious. This may now be my regular Saturday morning breakfast spot!"



Absolutely wonderful. Fresh, delicious food. Prompt, attentive service. Great selection of wine, beer, and whiskey! 

We opted to sit at the bar, and Erin served us drinks and attended our needs. She was great!! The food was incredible. I got the chicken, hubs got the soused shrimp. To quote him: "If broccoli tasted like this all the time, I would only ever eat broccoli." That's huge, coming from a true "meat and potatoes" man. 

Check it out. You won't be disappointed.



  • An absolute favorite - Clementine always impresses. Wonderful use of local and seasonal foods. The folks that run the place, and those that work there, are always as sweet as can be. Simply put, a wonderful and comfortable place to enjoy great food with best friends. Cheers!

Dined on 7/8/2014


  • "I rarely eat at a restaurant where the food and service are outstanding, Clementine is that place. Everyone in my party raved about every course they ate. I have a very discerning palate and am an excellent cook myself, so for me to find a restaurant that meets my expectations is rare. I will definitely go back to Clementine and I recommend it to anyone who is a "foodie" like me."

    Dined on 6/14/2014


Dined on 5/31/2014

"What a fabulous find. With their own smokehouse in the back and curing room you can see from the main dining area, this is a great place for meat! I had the pork chop - I never knew pork could have so much dimension and flavor. My husband had the New York strip and it was also amazing. The wait staff was friendly and we were well taken care of. We'll definitely be regulars for date night!"

Dined on 5/31/2014


"We brought a large party, and they were great with us. Amazing food, lovely service, a little play area for kids with a comfy couch, great local art on the walls. I pre-ordered a cake and it was AMAZING. I could eat that cake all day long. Cozy and welcoming. I strongly suggest getting a reservation versus walking in if it is a weekend or a large group. "

Dined on 5/17/2014