Clementine does dang good food with a cross-cultural twist.

Holiday season is here and the social calendar starts ramping up. Don't stress out about your party or get-together; get it catered! 


Let's work together to make your holiday event smooth sailing! Whether hosting at your place or ours (facility rental is available!), we  can craft an amazing menu for all tastes & diets. View some of our sample menus below and drop us line to get the party started. 

Sample Menus:

Clementine Catering

 We deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner to homes, venues & businesses,  in and outside of town, provide food, drinks, staffing and planning services for your wedding or party or whip up an intimate dinner for you & your friends. We custom design your menu with your tastes and budget in mind. 

No two events are the same so why should the menus be?  From elegant 5 course meals to great BBQ using local ingredients, everything is made from scratch.

Wedding planning and location scouting services available. We bring the restaurant to you and everything is made to order.

No kitchen? No problem! We do events in barns, farms and fields and plazas. We also advise on rentals, offer event planning and act as your coordinator on the  day as well. We can help get you the best prices for rentals and advise you on how much wine you need or provide all your drink needs, both adult and all-access. With our "everything from scratch" food and drink ethic, we can create your signature cocktails or help you execute the plans you already have.

Give us a call to discuss the details and we'll come up with the perfect menu together. Please check out some of our past menus at the bottom of this page as well as some sample menus below.

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~ Maryland style pit beef - thinly sliced eye round with arugula, heirloom tomato and smoked blue cheese and caramelized onion sour cream ( on sour dough)

~ Red Pepper hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro, and creamed feta ( on whole grain)

~ Mediterranean tuna salad - olive oil and lemon marinated tuna with capers, mixed greens, red onions and roasted red peppers ( on sour dough) 

~ Herbed chicken salad sandwich with lemon jam, arugula and Swiss ( on sour dough)

~ Autumn squash purée, roasted cauliflower, gem lettuce and balsamic cranberry jam ( on whole grain)


~ Mixed Green Salad - heirloom tomatoes, sweetcorn, cucumber, baby lettuces and a citrus herb vinaigrette OR old school Green Goddess

For the additional side we could do a lot of things: mac n cheese, a nice grain salad, tortilla chips and guacamole or even a sweet treat, brownies 



~  Pulled Pork Sandwich |Orange BBQ & Hand-Sliced Coleslaw & choice of side

 ~  Hot Turkey Platter |Zahradka Farms Roasted Turkey, Mashed Potatoes & Toast Points, w/ Sage Gravy

 ~  Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf | Genuine Meat Co. Ground Beef, Duroc Bacon & Roasted Tomato Gravy over Mashed Potatoes

 ~  Seasonal Stir-Fry | Fresh, Seasonal Vegetables in an Asian Curry-Coconut Broth & Topped w/ Toasted Peanuts

 ~  Celebrated Grilled Cheese | House Blend of Artisanal Cheeses

Add Ham or Bacon!


~  Moroccan Carrot Salad … Potato Salad with Spring Onion & Tarragon …Utz Potato Chips 

 ~  Fruit Salad with a Mint & Lime dressing …or a Small House Salad



~  Mac & Cheese | Winnie’s Fantastical

 ~  House Salad | Locally-Sourced Greens w/ Choice of House-Made Dressing:

Green Goddess … Roasted Tomato & Basil Vinaigrette … Creamy Bacon Ranch:  


 ~  Local Lettuce Caesar |Quartered Romaine, Tomato Confit, Roasted Garlic, Bacon-Anchovy Vinaigrette &  Shaved Asiago

 ~  Wild Mushroom Tart | Seasonal Mushrooms, Braised Leeks & Local Goat Cheese

 ~  Chicken Salad Sandwich | Grilled Chicken Breast; Tarragon, Chive & Rosemary Mayo & Served w/ Lemon Jam, Havarti Cheese 

 ~  French Dip | Pepper-Rubbed Roast Beef, Traditional Au Jus on a Toasted Roll

 ~  Smoked Bluefish Cake |Olive, Caper, Red Onion, Cucumber, Toasted Roll, Red Pepper Remoulade


~  Moroccan Carrot Salad … Potato Salad with Spring Onion & Tarragon …Utz Potato Chips 

 ~  Fruit Salad with a Mint & Lime dressing …or a Small House Salad



~  Classic hummus

~  Black Bean hummus with roasted poblano and tomato

~  Sweet pea hummus with mint

~  Tabbouleh

~  Falafel

~  Muhamarra (roasted red pepper dip with garlic,walnuts,pomegranate molasses,cumin and mint)


~  Shakshuka (Andy’s eggs and heirloom tomato frittata)

~  Chickpea salad with baby rocket,roasted garlic tahini dressing and easter egg radishes

~  Roasted beet salad with labne,parsley,olive oil and local honey

~  Heirloom tomato and pita salad with za’tar vinaigrette

~  Chapel Hill cheddar with ,roasted sweetcorn, and heirloom tomatoes

~  Mozzerella, basil, and tomato

~  Great hill blue cheese ,balsamic braised red cabbage, and caramelized onions


~  Dessert platters with lemon bars ,brownies and fruit bars



~  Maryland style pit beef crostini - peppered and grilled Bistro filet medallion on grilled bread with herb horseradish, lemon and olive  oil vinaigrette

 ~  Alder smoked pork loin slider  - purple slaw, muenster and whole grain mustard

~  Roasted squash tart  - with ricotta ,sage and maple (vegan)

~  Mac and Cheese balls - house made hot sauce (vegetarian)

 ~  Pear and veggie tart - sorghum lemon drizzle (vegan)

~  Jalapeno, cilantro and cheddar hush puppies (vegetarian)

 ~  Cornmeal crusted catfish bites - sweetcorn, fennel and tomato slaw

 ~  Smoked Baba Ghanouj  - crudite and grilled flatbreads (vegan)

~  Meatloaf slider -  with gravy and greens

 ~  Preserved beets with Charlottetown chevre - local honey and rosemary on Crostini (vegetarian)~ 

~  Smoked  bluefish sandwich  - pickled cucumbers  and shallots and a lemon.

 ~  Maryland crab and shrimp mousse - smoked tomato and Brandy

 ~  Espresso cured duck breast ham  - sweet potato biscuits with apple preserve

 ~  Smoked Trout tea sandwich  - lemon, pickled shallot and chervil

~  Radish butter tea sandwich -house made lemon preserve

 ~  Roasted butternut squash - ricotta, apple and local honey

 ~  Bresaola  - air-cured eye-round with lemon, olive oil, fine diced red onion and crostini


~  Pâté & charcuterie plates

~  Shrimp & MD Crab Pâté with brandy, roasted tomato

~  Chicken Pâté - Rumbleway Farm local chicken liver, fresh blueberries & Cu Dhub black rum

~  Wild Mushroom Pâté with local chèvre ,rosemary and Tempranillo

~  Duck Liver Pâté with honey, cherries and port

~  Smoked Bluefish Pâté with pickled shallot ,dill and lemon

~  Basturma with shallot, lemon, olive oil & paprika

~  House-cured Bresaola, Capicolla, Pancetta, and Prosciutto

  • all charcuterie plates include pickled things and house-made crackers. We can also provide an array of artisan Cheeses upon request

~ Chesapeake Boudin Maryland crab, shrimp and rice sausage with house made cocktail sauce

~ Roasted, raw and smoked veggies with bagna cauda (ridiculously good warm anchovy & garlic dip) & Smoked

~ Baba Ghanouj with crostini

~ World Class Pigs in a Blanket: puff pastry and house made sausage with homemade ketchup

~ Maple-cured duck breast "ham" with honey crisp apple butter on sweet potato biscuits

~ Lemon, black pepper, and chervil smoke trout with pickled onion, cucumber

~ Radish butter tea sandwiches with pickled cucumber and dill


~ Genuine food co. beef meatballs with goats milk ricotta and roasted tomato coulis

~ Autumn vegetable caponata with turnip, sweet potato, radishes, capers, olives ,roasted red pepper and a touch of maple

~ Duck confit with barbejus and petit purple slaw

~ Beaten biscuits with house cured ham and blueberry butter

~ Lemon and pepper smoked bluefish salad with horseradish pickled onion and cucumber salad

~ Cups of shrimp and grits

~ Bistro filet bruschetta with Rogue smoked blue sour cream and chive

~ Preserved beet and Charlottetown chèvre and walnut rosemary vinaigrette

~ Smoked duck breast ham with sweet potato biscuits and maple pear butter

~ Endive with crab tomato and corn salad

~ Winter vegetable caponata with clementine maple vinaigrette

~ Smoked bluefish salad with chervil, lemon and pepper

~ Crowder pea and wild mushroom salad with horseradish ,dill and pickled onion 

~ Little bowls of pickled stuff to include ramps, tomatoes and cucumbers, bread and butter pickles



Cocktail hour

~ Duck liver mousse

with rye whiskey caramel and fig on crostini

~ Preserved red beet bruschetta

 Charlottetown chevre, local honey and rosemary on toasted beet rounds

~ Moroccan smoked trout tea sandwich

 Harissa and pickled cucumber

~ Caribbean boudin antillais

pork sausage with Caribbean spice profile


~ Hearts of palm, baby mizuna, pinenuts, and apple salad

with a citrus, cilantro and honey vinaigrette

Bigger stuff

~ Seared pork belly

 with shiitake, scallion and a mirin, garlic, chile and soy glaze

~ Maryland pit style beef kabobs

with fingerling potatoes and herb, horseradish, lemon vinaigrette

~ Skewered seared duck breast,

 date and Rogue smoked blue cream

~ Miso grilled tuna

with a pumpkin dashi broth, scallion/ sesame, wasabe and pickled ginger slaw

~ Portuguese chicken piri piri

 sweet rice cakes

~ Roasted asparagus and hard squash wedges

 with romesco sauce and lemon alioli




~ Rocket Tossed w/Sherry Vinegar, roasted garlic & Olive oil vinaigrette, shaved manchego, hearts of palm & roasted red pepper  

~Clementine house salad: mesclun, green leaf, pesto croutons, red onion, carrots, sprouts & grape tomatoes  

~Caesar salad  

Mains (Choose 3):

~ Limoncello brined and seared pork medallions, basil & buffalo mozzarella Napoleon w/ sweet corn & lemon leaf steamed quinoa salad w/ oregano pickled zucchini  

~ Grilled smoked pork chop w/ a mess o’ tasso ham greens, spuds & spicy purple slaw

~Olive oil & balsamic marinated roasted portobello, garlic sautéed kale & camembert Napoleon over creamy tomato polenta topped w/ basil olive oil

~Chicken divan revisited-baked chardonnay & dijon brined airline breast w/ Irish cheddar peppercorn sauce w/ sautéed broccoli & grape tomatoes  

~Grilled beef & pork meatloaf wrapped in prosciutto served w/ mashed taters, roasted tomato red-eye gravy & sauteed broccolini  

~Miso & scallion marinated salmon w/ tomato, garlic & mushroom dashi w/ buckwheat noodles

~Chicken & long bean stir fry w/ thai yellow curry, ginger, carrot chile salad $ jasmine rice  

~Cerveza, ancho, cumin & Mexican oregano braised pork tacos w/ guacamole, crema, refritos, salsa asado & rice

~Cajun shrimp & crawdad potpie


Cocktail hour

~ She crab soup shooter

~ Espresso cured duck breast on sweet potato chive biscuit and apple butter

~ Grafton white cheddar and jalapeño hush puppets with pear, thyme and honey preserve

~ Smoked rabbit liver pate with blueberry, rye whiskey and sorghum

~ Preserved beet crostini with rosemary, heirloom tomato, honey and sea salt on crostini

Salad Course

~ Arugula, apple and pickled grape salad with roasted baby purple carrots and tarragon champagne vinaigrette

 Big Stuff

~ Whistlepig Hollow triple cross porchetta whole pork loin wrapped in belly, rubbed with garlic, lemon, chile flake, sea salt, fennel bulb, trussed and roasted for about 8 hours

~ Chicken and slicks - Murray’s family chicken with end of summer vegetables and slicks

~ Shrimp, andouille and grits  - the classic with our house made andouille

~ Roasted fingerling potato salad with sweet corn and pole beans tossed with pimenton, olive oil and sweet vinegar

~ Braised kale with smoked hocks 


Mediterranean / Maryland Menu- Lots of Vegetarian Options


 ~ Drunken Goat Cheese, & sautéed kale bruschetta  with a drizzle of local honey

~ Smoked Bluefish tea sandwich with lemon curd and cucumber

~ French Breakfast Radish tea sandwich with lemon curd and dill

~ Summer sweet pea spread w/ mint & cilantro on flat bread

~ Mustard green and sweet onion frittata with basil oil



~ Arugula, apple and spinach salad with ricotta salata, pickled grapes and champagne fennel vinaigrette



~ Maryland style pit beef - peppered and grilled medallions of bistro filet with herby horseradish vinaigrette (this can be changed to fish)

~ Roasted fingerling potatoes  w/ olive oil, sea salt and lemon

~ Grilled asparagus w/ hazelnut romesco sauce

~ Lightly smoked tofu over red quinoa & sweet pea pilaf with yellow carrots and a spicy garlic, dill, and rosemary vinaigrette

~  Stuffed eight ball squash (eight ball is a round zucchini, very tasty, if we can't get it we will go with zucchini and yellow zucchini) with jasmine rice, spinach, currants and sweet corn with a fresh tomato and chervil coulis

~ Lucielle's cool and sweet heirloom tomato and cucumber salad

~ Roasted beet salad w/ grape tomatoes, shallots, house made paneer, local honey, olive oil, red kale and sherry vinegar


Cocktail hour

~ Chicken liver pate with blueberries and rye whiskey

~ Preserved beet with chevre, honey and Rosemary

~ Wild mushroom pate with port and thyme

~ MD crab and shrimp pate with smoked heirloom tomato and Brandy

Bigger Stuff

~ Maryland pit style bistro filet on grilled bread with herbed horseradish sauce

~ Chesapeake wild caught bluefish - par smoked and grilled with lemon, dill and black pepper served with pickled shallots

~Delmarvalicious chicken ( real name from the 40's) brined in rye, bitters and house made poultry seasoning, grill/ roasted served with a tomato, sweet corn and crab slaw


~ Fingerling and sweet potato salad with sweet corn, lima beans and smoked paprika, finished with a honey, olive oil and a sherry vinaigrette ( reminiscent of Summer succotash)

~ Grilled asparagus with lemon, olive oil and sea salt

~ Beets 3 ways salad - roasted red, pickled golden and raw chioggia with champagne, honey vinaigrette, cress and Rogue smoked blue cheese or not

~ Mounds of roasted summer vegetables to include : squash, peppers, mushrooms, spring carrots and some other fun stuff finished with herbs and balsamic

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See some of our reviews!!


Nick & Jen, 9/09/2014

Just had them cater our wedding. They did an excellent job. They were extremely professional, brought a great crew, and delivered an excellent product. Drinks were awesome. Their food was universally loved by our guests. We had pork, blue fish, and bbq chicken. We had delicious sides of Mac and cheese, squash and Kale, cucumber salad, and other sides that were off the hook. Their non alchoholic drinks were loved. They were so good combined with wines we served. 

They helped us organize and plan all aspects related to the meal. They made sure we got tables tents and everything. It rained and the staff quickly made sure everything was OK and the food went off without any interruption. And it was a thunderstorm. 

We could not have been happier and would highly recommend Cristin and Winston to help make your wedding awesome.



Clementine designed a delicious and personal menu for our reception. We have gotten endless comments from our guests about how excellent the food was (even those who are difficult to please). They handled all the rentals and were happy to help set up a number of personal items we wanted to incorporate. They were flexible in allowing us to contribute portions of the bar menu, and they served fantastic, refreshing, fresh cocktails. Not to mention the lick-your-plate pies they made us. Cristin and her team made chalkboard signs for the drink menu and she essentially served as our day-of wedding coordinator. They made everything beautiful and seamless. We will think of them first anytime we need catering in the future.

Wedding: 05/24/2014
Services Used: Catering


If good food is important to you, and you want to go beyond the standard wedding chicken (or you want to serve really tasty wedding chicken!), give Clementine a call. Cristin and Winston worked with us to create a wonderful, authentic Mexican menu -- they were open to all of our requests, knew a lot about Mexican flavors and food, and went above and beyond to craft something special for us. We loved the food and drinks, and our guests told us they did too! The waitstaff at our wedding were also cheerful and polite, even though it rained steadily throughout our outdoor reception. Highly recommend!

Wedding: 08/23/2014
Services Used: Catering








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