Clementine does dang good food with a cross-cultural twist.


Virgin Drinks


Iced Tea                                   2

Basil Lime Elixer                                    3

Lemon Rosemary Fizz               3

Ginger Fizz                              3

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade       4

Artisanal Sodas                         3

Hot Tea from Stash                   3

Coffee (Hot or Iced)                  3


Local Bottled Beer & American Craft Ciders


B.W. Beer Works The Raven Special Lager                   5

B.W. Beer Works Tell Tale Heart IPA                            5

Union Craft Brewing Duckpin Pale Ale                           5

Union Craft Brewing Anthem Cream Ale                        5

The Brewer’s Art Resurrection Dubbel                            5

The Brewer’s Art Beazly Belgian Strong Pale Ale           5

Heavy Seas Cutlass Amber Lager                                  4

Heavy Seas Gold Ale American Blonde                                     4

Jailbreak Brewing Welcome to Scoville, Jalapeño IPA   5

Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA                                            4

Crispin Hard Apple                                                        5

Crispin Hard Pear Cider                                                5 

J.K.’s Scrumpy Hard Apple Cider (22 oz)                        9

Wyndridge Farm (PA) Crafty Apple                              5

Wyndridge Farm (PA) Cranberry                                  5




Tequila Fresca

Familia Camerena Silver Tequila, 

Basil Lime & Lemon Rosemary Syrups, Tarragon  10



Ezra Brooks Bourbon, Ginger Syrup, Hard Cider  8.5


Mezcal Old Fashioned

Xicaru Silver Mezcal, Citrus, House Bitters, Sugar in the Raw 10


Cosmopolitan Influence

Wódka Vodka, Giffard Triple Sec,

Hibiscus- Grenadine, Lime juice 9


Brown Sugar Mojito                                                        

Angostura 7-yr Aged Rum, Mint, Brown Sugar, Soda 8.5


Negroni Classico                                                             

Plymouth Gin, Gran Classico Bitter, Vya Sweet Vermouth 11


Le Printemps Piper                                                           

House- Infused Pink Peppercorn Wodka Vodka, Contratto Vermouth Bianco, Chamomile Syrup, Prosecco Float 9


Rhubarb ‘n’ Rye Manhattan                                            

Smooth Ambler Rye, Vya Sweet Vermouth,

Rhubarb Syrup& Rhubarb Bitters 10


Serving Dinner Wednesday - Saturday 5PM

Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 am -2:30 pm