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Small Batch American Whiskies


Old Bardstown Bourbon                                                         7

Light, grassy nose; hot & spicy on the tongue; allspice


High West American Prairie Reserve Bourbon      10

A spectacular blended bourbon; butter toffee; wood


Belle Meade  Sour Mash Bourbon                                 9

Bold rye spice with hints of maple & caramel, floral qualities and citrus zest


Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye                                         9

Young & racy; fresh grain scent; light & smooth


Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon                              10

A nose of maple cream; oatmeal cookies; even-keeled


Jefferson’s 10 Year Straight Rye                                    9

100 % straight Canadian rye. Outrageously smooth; quite spicy on the palate; a long buttery finish


James E.Pepper 1776 Straight Bourbon Whiskey 7.5

Bourbon Sweetness & Rye Spice; vanilla, honey, chocolate & cloves


High West “ Son of Bourye”                                          10

 A blend of straight five year old Bourbon and three year old Rye. The whiskey has the light sweetness of bourbon and spiciness of rye.


Koval  Single Barrel Dark Oat Whiskey        10

Primary notes of caramel and oats with a rich, creamy finish. Grains sourced from a local organic farmer collective in the Midwest.


Corsair Triple Smoke Whiskey                                    11

Barreled in new charred oak; barley is smoked with cherry wood, peat & beech wood; scotch-like, but truly unique!


Pritchard’s “Lincoln Lightening”                                 7

Legal moonshine! Surprising corn sweetness


Noah’s Mill

Aged in charred oak barrels for 15 years                     13



Beautiful Scotch


Great King Street “Artist’s Blend” Scotch                  8          

Proving that blends don’t have to play second fiddle to single malts. Complex, smooth & surprising


The Macphails 8 Year                                                       9                                                                                   From Tamdhu Distillery; young & dynamic; butter toffee & spices; wood



The Macallan 12 year                                                     13

Rich dried fruits & sherry balanced with wood smoke & spice


Talisker, 10 year                                                               11

Peppery with a pleasing bite


Lagavulin 16 year old  

Dry; massive peat-smoke                                                 13


Ardberg 10 Year                                                            11.5

smoky fruit, cinnamon, espresso & almonds


McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey           13.5

Yes, Oregon. A peaty Islay-style- piney, great balance of malt, peat  and sweetness


Laphroig 10 year                                                               11

Zesty oak; warm peat smoke; nutmeg ;toasted almonds; faintly salty



Small Batch Spirits for your fun and pleasure…



Barr Hill • juniper berry & raw Northern honey, Vermont-                                                                       8

Dry Fly •  juniper in the background, angelica, apples and citrus, Spokane, WA-                                        7.5

Green Mountain Organic •  botanical as well as earthy, Vermont -                                                      7.5

G’Vine Floraison • produced in Cognac, infused with green grape flowers,cardamom & blanc grapes 7.5

Hendricks • handcrafted Scottish gin infused with cucumber and rose petals                                          8

Old Tom a historically accurate revival of gin in fashion during the mid 1800's , Oregon                   7.5

Plymouth • made at the oldest working distillery in England, well integrated botanicals                        7.5

Green Hat • made in copper pot stills in DC, juniper,pepper, citrus- vegetal                                   8

Art in the Sage • woody & herbaceous. Thyme, fennel, lavender and, of course, sage. Philly                    8.25

Boomsma Geneverstarting with barley, rye and corn, this gin is malty with botanicals added  (rail)  6


**add  Fevertree Premium Indian Tonic –botanical oils, spring water and high quality quinine      + 1       



Gran Centanario Plata• 100 % agave white tequila, aged in oak. Great depth                                            7

Maestro Doble• a blend of extra añejo, añejo and Reposado. 100 % estate grown blue agave. The first ever aged clear tequila                                             11

Scorpion Mezcal Reposado• premium double distilled quality Mezcal made in Oaxaca Mexico, six months aged                                                                8.5

Tesoro Reposado100% blue agave, double distilled and aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels, Jalisco  9

Espolon Blanco• 100 % agave, not aged. Hints of pepper, lemon zest & spice                                 8.00

Peloton de la Muerte Mezcal fruity & smoky. Very smooth unaged mezcal from Oaxaca                 8.50

Camarena Familias from the highlands of Jalisco, this unaged, 100 % agave tequila is herbaceous & peppery and very smooth  (rail)                             6




Sloop Bettyfrom the Eastern Shore of  Maryland- distilled from wheat and sugar cane                      7

Boyd & Blair small batch vodka made in Pennsylvania from locally grown potatoes            8

Green Mountain Organicmade from 100% organic grains and Pure Vermont spring water in Stowe    7

Green Mountain Organic Lemon its all natural lemon flavors are due to the essential oils drawn from a blend of lemon varieties                                            7

Green Mountain Organic Orange  aromas of sweet orange blossoms with zesty undertones and a clean finish                                                                                  7

Tito’s Hand-Crafted- A Texas (yes, Texas!) vodka potstill grain vodka that is exceptionally smooth    7

Crop Organic Cucumber Vodka- •farmer’s market fresh & non-GMO. Clean & pure from Minnesota      7

Corsair Vanilla Bean • rich, savory and made from whole bourbon vanilla beans, from Kentucky      7.5

Cold River Potato Vodka •100 % Maine potato vodka triple distilled in a copper pot still                           8

Cold River Wild Maine Blueberry Vodka • actual wild Maine blueberries are steeped and added after distillation.  Pure and clean with far less sugar       8

Wodkahigh quality, yet a great price point, honest Polish rye vodka at an honest price   (rail)               6               



Angostura Barrel Aged Silvera light clear rum that is aged and filtered. Popular in Trinidad and the Caribbean for its light clean taste.   (rail)            6.50                

Blackwell’s Black Rum • molasses, clove, coffee and spice. Made in Jamaica                                              7.25

LeBlon Cachaca • the national hooch of Brazil, cachaça is a distilled spirit made from sugar cane. LeBlon is premium & single estate                          7.25

Cane & Abe’s Freshwater Rumdistilled exclusively from domestically grown dark brown cane sugar     8

JM Rhum One of the few rums in the world to claim a terroir-  the sugar cane is grown in a unique climate on the slopes of Mt Pelee                                               10

Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rumcrafted from a selection of rums distilled in the Caribbean, then infused with vanilla, cinnamon & nutmeg                                            7

Zaya  •equal in sophistication to whiskey or brandy,  aged a minimum of 12 years. Yum.                           9.75                      

Angostura 7 year aged Rumaged in bourbon barrels- packed with flavor                                            8

Flor de Cana extra seco renowned as one of the best rums in Latin America, having won more than 100 international awards, Nicaragua                                   8


Brandies/ Other fun stuff

Don Benedicto Aged Pisco distilled  from a single variety of pisquera grape,clean with structure and balance, Peru                                                7.25

Metaxa •  created in 1888, It is a blend of wine distillates, Muscat wines and a secret bouquet of rose petals and Mediterranean herbs                               8.00

Americanaki Ouzodistilled from a fermented mash of Midwestern dark brown beet sugar, then infused with star & seed anise                                                   7.00

Corsair Red Absinthe •–starting with traditional 1800’s recipes & herbs, unique elements are then added- dragon wormwood, citrus, tarragon & hibiscus                    9.00

Comb Whitemade from orange blossom honey and distilled once, it retains a lot of its honey flavor but none of it’s sweetness . Strange but true. It works well in place of white rum, cachaca or tequila  New York  8

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